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Corn Starch 200gr Jotis
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Corn Starch 200gr Jotis


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Your most powerful “weapon” for baking and cooking. Use it to make great sauces, to give your soups and mayonnaise a perfect velvety texture and to make the best creams for confectionery, cakes and puddings. Made with pure ingredients and with the Jotis Company guarantee of quality, our Corn flour makes for easy, quick and tasty dishes!

Ingredients: corn starch. May contain gluten.

Lemon and Egg Sauce (Avgolemono) recipe:
-Mix 4tbsp of corn flour Jotis, 3 egg yoks, 1/2 cup of cold meat broth, salt and pepper.
-Add 2-3 cups of hot meat broth and heat the mix, stirring continusly until thick.
-Remove from heat and add 1tbsp of butter and juice from 1 squeezed lemon.

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