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04/12/2017 20:54 By Agora Greek Delicacies 0 Comments News,
pupmkin and rice pie

Amazing sweet pumpkin & rice phyllo pie to serve as dessert, healthy snack or even breakfast! Ideally is the Halloween pie to make after you have prepare your Halloween pumpkin!
Find the highlighted ingredients in our Eshop.
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27/10/2017 15:00 By Agora Greek Delicacies recipe, hallowee, pumpkin, pie, Comments Recipes,

In 12th October 2012, Agora Greek Delicacies LTD was registered in Scotland from two 25 year old graduates from Greece.

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10/10/2017 21:09 By Agora Greek Delicacies Comments News,


Tabbouleh is a popular dish in East Mediterranean, low in calories and healthy with high nutritional value. Ideal to eat during summer months when all the seasonal vegetables used for the recipe are fresh. Find here ingredients for your tabbouleh, such as bulgur.

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18/07/2017 19:13 By Agora Greek Delicacies tabbouleh, salad, recipe, 0 Comments Recipes,

chocolate merenda ice-cream

Merenda is the Greek chocolate & hazelnut spread with rich texture and amazing taste , ideal to use as a spread or ingredient in cakes, desserts and now..ice-cream! Find Merenda in our Confectionery section.

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11/07/2017 18:19 By Agora Greek Delicacies 0 Comments Recipes,

Enter the competition for a chance to win 2 double tickets for Maraveyas gig in Glasgow.

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20/04/2017 14:28 By Agora Greek Delicacies 0 Comments News,


Fried salted cod with potato garlic mash or in Greek Bakaliaros Skordalia is a traditional Greek dish, served on the celebration of 25th March marking the Greek independence day! Traditionally made by salted and fluffy cod, soaked in water for hours. The potato garlic mash is the ideal and most delicious sider for the cod!

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24/03/2017 17:52 By Agora Greek Delicacies 0 Comments Recipes,

Mastic the unique gem of Greek soil, the tear the comes off the mastic tree, used to create unique liqueurs!

Mastic tears

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04/02/2017 15:43 By Agora Greek Delicacies cocktails, greek cocktails, mastic cocktails, 0 Comments Cocktails,

The Young Enterprise Scotland Bridge 2 Business got in touch recently and listed Agora as a local hero!

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05/01/2017 18:19 By Agora Greek Delicacies 0 Comments News,
Delicious Mediterranean ispired seafood recipe with tahini- sesame paste, the Greek ususal seafood additions and white wine! Amazing gourmet seafood dish ideal to serve all year around. Find highlighted ingredients in our E-shop.Read More
10/08/2016 22:00 By Agora Greek Delicacies recipe, beans, giant beans, greek recipe, Comments Recipes,