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Agora Team

Agora was created in 2012 by us, Michael and Christina, two Greek natives living in Scotland who are very passionate about Greek food and cuilinary culture.

After taking the time to conduct honest and extensive research into the Greek food and drink market, we have managed to source and bring to the UK, the finest products from selected producers across Greece for you to enjoy. Also, products of famous Greek brands, imported in the UK for the first time by Agora.

We aim to provide you with the best of the Greek food and drink market to meet all your gastronomic and culinary needs. As Greeks living abroad, we strive to remind all Greeks and Cypriots of home, even if it is just a little! We also aim to provide the real taste of Greece to all those that love and seek the genuine Greek delicacies in the UK!

Passionate about all things Greek, we strive to provide everyone with their own unique Greek experience the way they want it!

We love hearing from our customers and we always welcome all personal enquiries. Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as early as possible!


Find up to date news about many Greek products and take the time to make your requests and connect with people online to find out more about Greek food and drink culture.

At Agora, we strive to bring you the best products all year round.

Here are our reasons why:

  • We BRING all of our products directly from selected producers in Greece.
  • We LOVE these products and their quality and we think you will too!
  • We GUARANTEE that our products are among the best available on the online market.
  • You DELIVER details on some of the best Greek recipes and cocktails for FREE.
  • We BLOG some of the most useful tips and articles for your everyday nutritional needs.

Please feel free to ask us about ANYTHING, or just drop us a message to say hello at


With Glasgow located 2,373 miles away from traditional homemade Greek foods and drinks, Agora was created by native Greeks to provide Greek foods and drinks, recipes, tips and news to all those people who loved Greece and all its charms all year round!

Agora is the first, Scottish based online shop specialising in delivering the best Greek produce to your door, wherever you are across the UK and abroad!

Agora is the Greek foods specialist, the Greek online supermarket in the UK, supplying a wide variety of foods and drinks directly from local producers across Greece and well known brands popular in Greece and of the highest quality. We deliver across the UK and abroad directly to your door shipping your orders to any home or office delivery you ask.

With a genuine desire to bring the taste of Greece to our customers, we aim to deliver all of your favourite Greek foods and drinks across the UK for you to enjoy all with the simple click of a button.



Agora team personally guarantees the quality of the products and the whole process a product needs to get from producers’ unit directly to you, packed and safe.

All the producers are carefully selected by us as for the quality of their products and their packing process and ISO. is a PayPal verified e-Shop, which guarantees the safety of the transactions made through this website.


“Agora” in Modern Greek language defines the general notion of a marketplace. It comes from Ancient Greece and its literal meaning is “assembly” or “gathering place”. “Agora” in ancient Greece was called the central-spot of the ancient Greek city-states with most famous one the “Athenian Ancient Agora”. “Agora” was a large, open square where the citizens could assemble for a wide variety of purposes. Administrative, political, judicial, commercial, social, cultural, and religious activities could all found a place together”.

“Agora” does not offer only food and drink but is the place where the whole Greek modern culture is demonstrated and offers the true and famous Greek experience, formed since thousands of years ago.

The food culture since ancient Greece was a matter of philosophy, religion and society creating a balance between the physical and mental health. This deep philosophical concept of nutrition is still preserved after thousands of years, evolving and creating the healthiest nutrition, the Mediterranean nutrition.