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Returns and Refunds

Damaged Goods Policy

If upon delivery you realise that something is wrong with your sealed parcel, accept it but notify the person who delivers that it the parcel seems damaged. In that way we will be able to start a dispute and claim your money back as and when the dispute is over.We are not responsible for any damaged has taken place by the courier end.

If packaged products received damaged or broken after you open your parcel, please take photos as soon as you receive them and email us.

If chilled or frozen items received in inappropriate temperature, please contact us immediately.

You may be eligible for refund from the courier service or replacement, if you contact us within 7 days upon order reception.

In case your parcel has been damaged in transit and you won’t receive it, the courier most likely sends it back to us. In this case we provide replacement of the items that you didn’t receive.

On all above cases emails us photos of the damaged items and the parcel as a whole including the damaged items at :


Returns, replacements and refunds

We are not pleased at all when even one of our customers is unhappy with our products. We are happy to refund or replace any product that falls below the high standards you expect, within seven days upon your reception of the order.

All of our products are imported packed, so we’ll investigate each situation with the producers if anything is wrong with them. Packaging the products is something that we don’t get involved to and we expect our producers to do their best with that.

For any enquiry please attach some photos if possible or needed. Photos should be taken once you’ll realise that something is wrong (When opening your parcel or the product). We are unable to proceed on refunds when we don’t have enough evidence on the situation.

We do not cover the postage costs when the damage has been taken place during the delivery procedure and the courier is responsible for that. We are undertaking the dispute with the courier service so you will be reimbursed, as and when, or we include the damaged goods-when there is evidence of it- on your next order. The evidence as mentioned before consists of photos of the parcel when opened which are immediately emailed to us.

We do not cover replacement or refund when the items are not damaged or spoiled. This also applies on items that are opened when they shouldn’t have, their packaging has been damaged before return, or items that haven’t been stored properly upon reception.

We do not offer refund or replacement when the customer hasn’t taken any action to receive the order. When orders return back to us by the couriers after delivery attempts that the customer seems to ignore, we are not held responsible. We can only  -and by case- can cover the product cost of a return parcel, when the product can be resold by us, and we by no chance cover refund or replacement for perishable foods.

If you require a refund and there is not something wrong with your order, for example if you have mistakenly ordered a product that you don’t want, we can arrange the postage for you, but we don’t cover the postage costs. We issue a refund when we receive back the products in the same state as when they were shipped to you, unopened and intact. We cover refund or return when there is something wrong on the packaging process which is not agrees with the products purchased by your end.

For short dated products that were ordered in full price and are received before their expiry date we cannot offer a full refund. We can offer replacements of newest stock when available.

For short dated products that were ordered in discounted price before their expiry date, we cannot offer refund or replacement.

We expect frozen or refrigerated products which are shipped with thermal packaging material to reach you in the right temperature – frozen or chilled. If for any reason your receive the products in a condition that is not the appropriate, please take photos and we will investigate the issue and we will get back with a refund or replacement where eligible. If in any case the product reaches you within the delivery set date but for any case doesn’t look good or edible, we replace the product or refund you.

If for any reason your delivery delays and the courier service is responsible for that, then we investigate the case and we get back with a refund or replacement where eligible. We are not held responsible if delays in delivery are affected by the clients themselves.

When a parcel has been shipped, the delivery cost is not refundable as this has been paid already to the courier service which has managed the delivery. If further issues come up with a delivered parcel, please see if your cases falls under other refund or return eligible policy.

In any case of return that a refund is expected, we first receive the parcel back to make sure that the items are packed and safe to re-sale, this applies to ambient foods, drinks, chilled and frozen item that may be still in shape upon our reception. When the delivery has been instructed by the recipient, then this is an additional service for the courier services and there is a chargeable fee, which we do not cover.

Parcels declared lost form Courier Services

There maybe rare cases where a courier service declares a parcel as lost. In this case, we cannot take any responsibility of the courier’s activity that led to a lost parcel, but we can help you approach the courier service and submit a claim for reimbursement. Some times the courier services do not reimburse 100% the value of the parcel..

For any returns, refunds or generic enquiries regarding damaged goods, fill in the Contact form