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All the questions you might have about our delivery, products or website, are answered here.

Delivery Questions

Unfortunately, due to high temperatures in the summer, we can only deliver fish locally (Glasgow – Edinburgh) with our own temperature-controlled vans. For health & safety reasons, we cannot use third-party couriers and guarantee that the fish will arrive at a low temperature and be suitable for consumption.

The Glasgow Postcodes which we deliver for free on orders over £30 are as follows: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G11, G12, G13. G14, G20, G21, G22, G31, G32, G33, G34, G40, G41, G42, G43, G44, G51, G52, G69 6, G69 7, G71, ML4, ML5 4, ML5 5.

These are the locations where our vans run daily. For the rest of the G postcodes, as our vans do not cover those areas, we have to use third-party couriers with the applying shipping fees being the same as the rest of the UK. For deliveries in Glasgow postcodes which are outside Glasgow City and not mentioned above, there is no shipping cost for Priority Delivery or Standard Delivery orders of £60.00 or more.


And if you are in and about Glasgow, you can always collect from our warehouse, skipping all delivery fees and with an additional 10% on all foods and drinks, applied automatically on the checkout once you select the Warehouse Collection option.

You have been blessed! Sometimes we will include bonus items in your order. It could be something similar to other products of your order, an extra item on items you consume regularly, or an item that approaches its expiry date (3-20 days before). When the products come close to their expiry date we may add them to customer orders for free, instead of sending them back to Greece to be disposed of.

We prefer not to dispatch frozen items on Thursdays or Fridays with the next working day delivery, for health and safety purposes. Ordering with next-day delivery means that the next working day for your delivery can be Monday and that your order will remain at the courier depot during the weekend. We choose not to do that, for the safety of the products, and we choose delivery days when the orders can be delivered within 18-24 hours, usually between Monday and Thursday.

You can purchase frozen items from anywhere across the UK, the price includes the packaging material necessary for the shipping. However, delivery requires only the Priority – Next Day Delivery service, as frozen items should be received at a controlled temperature according to UK health & safety regulations & standards.

If you want your products to be delivered on the weekend, you can always choose our Saturday or Sunday delivery service that appears at the checkout on every order.

We strictly put products on offer when they are close to their expiration date (1 month prior) and religiously monitor our stock to make sure they stay up to date.


Thus, if you buy a product on offer you should always check its description on our online store in order to ensure its expiration date suits you. We are extremely careful with the life cycle of our stock and we would never supply our clients with something that is not safe to consume.


Please also note the difference between BEST BEFORE and EXPIRY DATE. Best before means that it can also be consumed after the written date, whereas the expiration date is definite.

The moment your order is ready and collected by our delivery partners from our premises you will receive an email with your order status and tracking code. From then on you can go online with your tracking codes and enquire about the status of your delivery. You may need to give the courier’s system some time to update the order status and wait until they get in touch with an email regarding your order.

If you live in Scotland’s Central Belt, in Glasgow or Edinburgh postcodes outlined in our delivery info page please expect a shipment email with your delivery time and day and one of our drivers will call you on the day of the delivery to ensure the safe delivery of your order.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or message us on social media.

We strive to make sure that orders arrive on time on the allotted delivery days you have chosen when you check out. Normally the majority of our orders arrive on time but on busy periods such as Christmas and Easter we experience huge loads of orders that can push back delivery times. If there are any time issues during these busy periods we always make regular updates on our website and social media and notify our customers through newsletters.

However, at any other point throughout the year if your delivery is late, please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or message us on social media. The most common case is that the parcels have been delayed in the courier’s distribution centre or local depot, due to various reasons, or that your parcel was damaged. In any of these cases, we have to deal with the issue by contacting the courier service and shorting the issue.

Please note that for delays that are caused by the couriers’ network, there is no control from our end, thus we cannot take any responsibility. No refunds or reimbursements are made from the courier or us for delivery delays unless there is damage to your order or the products are not suitable for consumption upon delivery.

If upon delivery you realise that something is wrong with your delivery, accept it but notify the person who delivers that the parcel seems damaged. In that way, we will be able to claim the damage and replace the products or provide a refund depending on the case.

We are not responsible for any damage that has taken place by the courier’s end. We ensure each and every package leaves in the best condition possible from our premises and we have taken all precautions to be able to verify this.

If packaged products received damaged or broken after you open your parcel, please take photos as soon as you receive them and email us. Photos should be taken once you realise that something is wrong (when opening your parcel or the product). We are unable to proceed with replacements or refunds when we don’t have enough evidence of the situation.

If chilled or frozen items received an inappropriate temperature, please contact us immediately.

You may be eligible for a refund from the courier service or replacement if you contact us within 7 days upon order reception. In case your parcel has been damaged in transit and you won’t receive it, the courier most likely sends it back to us. In this case, we provide a replacement of the items that you didn’t receive.

In all the above cases emails us photos of the damaged items and the parcel as a whole including the damaged items at:


Product Questions

Honey that is unrefined and without additives is most likely to start getting crystallised in low temperatures. If honey starts crystallising it is a sign of purity. In that case, you can place it with its jar in a bowl of hot water until it comes to its normal texture.

This happens because the honey was produced and packed in temperatures of Greece, higher than the temperatures of the UK. Unrefined honey can crystallise in colder weather than the one they have been produced and if not then they most likely contain preservatives or/and are liquefied with water and other substances.

The extra virgin olive oils we trade, are products of cold extract and without additives, so are most likely to start getting solid and white at the bottom in low temperatures. These are the oil-fat particles that sit in the bottom of the bottle or tin usually during winter.

This happens because the EVOO is produced and packed in temperatures of Greece, higher than the temperatures of the UK. During the import and storage, the oils are exposed to temperatures lower than 10C almost throughout the year, and they get solid in colder weather than the ones they have been produced. Keep your EVOO bottle or tin at room temperature and will get back to its normal texture soon.

All our products that have the frozen icon on our website are kept at -18C upon production and during their import as well as in our warehouse and until they are packed for an order.

When put in an order, a frozen product is shipped in thermal packaging covered with an ice pack to reach our customers at the proper low temperature. As such, pies may arrive thawed if not completely defrosted for immediate consumption or they can be stored in the fridge for a number of days as per the product description. They also may arrive partially defrosted, with their ends thawed but the core of the pie still frozen in this case they can be stored in the freezer.

Merenda is made with oils and butter and can be crystallised at low temperatures. If you open the Merenda jar and you see a white layer at the top, it’s just the fat of the butter and oils that have been separated and sitting at the top due to the low temperatures that the product has been exposed to. During the import and storage, the products are exposed to temperatures lower than 10C almost throughout the year, and products made with butter and oils get solid in colder weather.

Unfortunately, due to the continuous changes in international markets, delays in production, difficulties in logistics or delays in imports, may create issues in our supplying process. Our importing activity is as strong as ever, but there are still issues in the logistics chain and international transport that we have to deal with.

However, you can wish-list specific items on our website and you will receive a prompt email the moment they are back in stock.

Another case may be that the product line has been discontinued and we remove the product from the website. In this case, you can email us and we can recommend similarly or replacing products.

With the petrol prices being continuously raised lately, the costs of the products, manufacturing, services and logistics costs increase creating serious inflations in the market. We are in the same place as any importer and distributor facing the same challenges with costs and increasing prices.

However, we push strongly to maintain the prices by absorbing as much as possible from the increasing costs for the majority of our product range as well as the service costs.

Increased product prices

Certain products such as extra virgin olive oil, gigantes / giant beans, and other raw goods produced in Greece by local producers or are PDO (Product of protected designation of origin) also see frequent price fluctuations. These products are treated as commodities, and their annual buying prices can go up or down depending on how smoothly the annual production goes. In 2021, 80% of the gigantes production of Prespes, where we buy from, was destroyed from the weather, and that brought the buying price of the product up, more than doubled it, which then resulted in a much higher retail price. We are lucky to have even secured this PDO product and sell it online, even at this higher price.

We are always on the hunt for premium Greek foods & drinks and as much as knowledgeable our buying and import team is there’s always room for suggestions and how to expand our inventory!

If you have any suggestions on Greek products or, even better, if you are aware of a Greek food or drink producer you would like to see on our website please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or message us on social media.

Wines come from grapes, so it’s considered to be vegan products. However, during the wine production, there are carbon filters used, which make then the end product non-vegan. None of the wineries we coordinate so far has vegan production certification because the carbon filters are massively used in wine production.

Website Questions

Make sure you don’t mix up the coupon and gift card fields when you type in your codes!

You can put your coupon codes on the field that is at the top of the check-out page, above the fields that require your credentials.

Coupon codes can be anything and we set them to usually be a name that commemorates a certain event. Gift cards are a series of random numbers and letters.

Make sure you don’t mix up the coupon and gift card fields when you punch in your codes!

You can put your gift-card codes on the field that is at the bottom right corner, above the payment methods.

Coupon codes can be anything and we set them to usually be a name that commemorates a certain event. Gift cards are a series of random numbers and letters.

Sad to see you go but according to the privacy policies of the UK we are dedicated to ensuring the best online experience. If for any reason you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter you can find an unsubscribe button on each of our weekly newsletters or you can just send us an email at and we will delete your information promptly.

Please be very careful when you are filling in your information on our checkout page and remember to choose your address after you put your postcode.

Most of these types of errors pop up as our system is very safe and sensitive and will pick up on discrepancies in the information you provided or the lack thereof.

Ensure your information is correct first but if you have any big difficulties in completing your order don’t hesitate to contact us by email providing the accurate shipping address.

Our company is registered in Scotland and regardless of our nationwide operations, we follow certain rules when it comes to alcohol sales. Flash sales or discounts applied on random alcohol products are illegal in Scotland. An alcoholic item must be under offer for at least 72 hours, thus, flash sales or one-off coupons at full price are not applicable to alcoholic products.

You most certainly can, you can contact us by email, where you can provide the list of products you wish to order and your contact and shipping details. For your payment, we send a secure Paypal payment link via email, which you can click and fill in your billing details. We do not ask for or accept billing details written by email or by phone, all payments must be through a secure payment link