3 Colour Variety Egg Dye- Captain’s Spices
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3 Colour Variety Egg Dye- Captain’s Spices


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Dyeing eggs is a custom that every year brings the past and the present, the modern and the traditional, closer together. Dyed eggs bring to mind sweet family memories of Easter and often give us the ability to feel, once again, part of our families, our country and our traditions.

Captain’s has released the classic dye series in a new packet that combines modern dyeing methods with a great product and Greece’s long tradition in the ritual of egg dyeing. Captain’s egg dye variation (blue, yellow, green) guarantees a perfect colour result every time, simultaneously protecting your health (non-toxic).

Each packet contains the following unique gifts for you:

  • a pair of gloves,
  • 4 decals (traditional), and
  • 5 sleeves with lovely images (stickers that shrink around the egg).

All the essential information and instructions can be found on the packet. Dyes 150 eggs.


1. Before boiling the eggs, keep them at room temperature. 2. Rinse them with water so that their outer surface is completely clean. 3. Put them in a large saucepan and add plenty of water, so that the eggs are completely covered. Pour in ½ a cup of vinegar. 4. Boil the eggs at a low heat so that they do not crack. Remove the eggs from the water and leave them to cool. Discard any eggs that may have cracked.


1. Fill a large saucepan with space for 15 eggs with a litre of warm or cold water and add ½ a cup of vinegar. 2. Add the contents of the dye sachet into a teacup filled with warm water. 3. Stir until the dye is completely dissolved.


1. Pour the dye into the water and stir for a little. 2. Carefully place the first 15 eggs into the dye and leave for 10-12 minutes, until you think they are done. 3. Remove the first 15 eggs and stir the solution again, add another ½ cup of vinegar and repeat the process for the remaining eggs. 4. Wait 15 minutes and glaze the eggs with oil.

Sleeves: Cut the sleeves and place a design on each egg. With a spoon put the eggs on their sides into the hot water. Make sure that the water covers them completely. As soon as the sleeve is completely wrapped around the egg, remove it from the water. Then dye your eggs according to the instructions on the pack of the packet. If dye stains can be seen on the sleeves, simply wipe them lightly with a cloth.

Rub on transfers: Dye the eggs according to the instructions on the back of the packet. Before spreading oil onto the eggs, choose the designs you prefer and dip them into water. As soon as the rub on transfers soften, remove them from the water and, with your finger, slowly rub the transfer from the paper onto the egg.

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