Smoked Feta Cheese 150gr Epirοs
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Smoked Feta Cheese 150gr Epirοs


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EPIRUS Smoked is made with the traditional, archetypal recipe, from pasteurized sheep and goat milk. If it has matured for at least 2 months, which has a natural way with beech wood in a landscaped space in the factory of EPIRUS, in a masterful way to maintain all the special organoleptic characteristics of EPIRUS feta, the buttery, slightly spicy and rich palette of flavors, where during smoking it is enriched and enhanced, “Epirus Smoker” is offered an unprecedented palette of aromas and a unique taste imprint.

Available in a modern airtight package (twin pack), with 2 independent and detachable portions, so that its characteristics remain unchanged in each use. Suitable for table use, as an accompaniment to a drink, while it will give a special sparkle and delicious character to any dish used instead of feta.

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