Cretan Voskopita – Sfakiani mizithra cheese pie 600gr Kouklinos


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Buy online traditional Cretan Sfakiani voskopita – mizithra cheese pie from Crete. The pack’s total weight is 600gr and comes in 3 round individual portions of 200gr. The traditional Sfakiani Voskopita is made with frothy dough and it is stuffed with sour creamy and delicious mizithra cheese, a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese produced in Greece. The cheese Voskopita has a salty and sour taste and is consumed traditionally as breakfast or brunch. Alternatively can be served as a delicious appetizer or starter. The cheese Voskopita is produced in traditional pies workshop Kouklinos,  in Crete.


– This frozen pie is shipped in thermal foil covered with an ice-pack to preserve it and reach you in the proper low temperature. Can be maintained frozen until its expiry date or refrigerated up to 3 days after you receive it.

-The Cretan voskopita needs frying before consumption. Place the pie in pan from frozen and bake in medium heat from both sides until it gets golden brown.

Additional information

Weight2.1 kg

Allergy Information:Contains milk, dairy products and possibly traces of sesame. The product is GMO FREE (Genetically Modified Organism).*BAKING INFO: Baking info: bake it in 180C oven or grill toaster for 15 mins when chilled.* HOW TO CONSUME:The items are shipped in polystyrene packaging covered with an ice-pack to preserve it fresh and reach you in the proper low temperature. Put it straight in the freezer or keep it refrigerated for maximum 3 days. If you are too hungry put it straight in the oven! Do not re-freeze it if received defrosted.


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