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Cretan Selection Tea Herbs and Honey 6-piece Gift Pack Fragiadakis


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This selection will help you discover Cretan nature! This is ideal for gift as it contains small tasting jars of various Cretan herbs, Cretan honey and Cretan wild mountain tea. This selection of Cretan nature in a box was put together by the Fragiadakis family, with expertise mainly in beekeeping who collected some of the wild herbs and flowers the bees are also gathering to make the unique Cretan honey.
Most specifically this unique gift box contains 6 small tasting jars of:
– Cretan wild mountain tea
– Crushed wild thyme
– Thyme honey
– Thyme & wild herbs honey
– Crushed mixed herbs for seasoning
– Crushed ditany

The gift box contains pure raw honey from mountainous Crete, Alfa, in two varieties produced by Fragiadakis family with a long tradition in beekeeping. Fragiadakis Family moves the bees around Cretan mountains, areas with dense flora of local herbs, with nectar and pollen from wild herbs and flowers. Alfa honey is raw, 100% pure and natural unrefined honey collected and produced exclusively in mountainous Crete, an area with unique flora and famous for the wildflowers and herbs.

***Store honey in room temperature!! If honey starts crystallising -sign of purity- place it in a bowl of hot water until it comes to its normal texture. Alfa honey is an unrefined honey without additives and it is most likely to start getting crystallised.
– This happens because it was produced and packed in temperatures of Greece, far higher of the temperatures of the UK. Unrefined honeys can crystallise in colder weather than the one they have been produced and if not then they most likely contain preservatives or/and are liquefied with water and other substances.

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