5 x 260gr Pide – Peinirli with gouda cheese, ham and bacon 1.3kg Famiglia



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Greek handmade rustic pide – peinirli choriatiko with Gouda cheese, ham and bacon, in 5 pieces of 260gr each to bake at home. Peinirli is gondola type dough, raw, stuffed and ready to put it in the oven. For even better flavour before baking it top it with kefalotiri or cheddar!

Peinirli is made with dough 60% (wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, sunflier oil, long life milk, sugar, yeast, salt, improver (wheat gluten). Filling 40% (picnic boiled (meat (50%) (pork pancetta, pork shoulder) water, starch acidity regulator, lactic acid, citric acid, soy protein, salt, milk protein, lactose, dextrose, glucose syrup, stabilizer, bacon (90% pork pancetta), gouda cheese (milk), cream 35% fat (cream milk, milk proteins, protein)

May contain traces of sesame, mustard, celery, egg, nuts, sulphites.


– Frozen: 30-35 mins in pre-heated oven 180C

-Chilled: 25-30 mins in pre-heated oven 180C

– This frozen pie is shipped in thermal foil covered with an ice-pack to preserve it reaching you in proper low temperature.
Once you get it put it straight in the oven or:
-If received frozen, keep it at the freezer at -18C.
-If received defrosted, store it in the fridge for up to 3 days.

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Weight 1.3 kg


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