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Honey, the nectar of Gods

Taygetos Honey is a family owned company, established in 1980 in Messinia Peloponesse. Taygetos honey began as a beekeeping and amateur’s production. Since 1984, the production of Taygetos honey increased, as the demand of the honey varieties become popular. Taygetos Honey is currently a member of the cooperative beekeepers of Kalamata.

Taygetos where the brand was made of, is the highest mountain of Peloponesse. Taygetos is rich in flora with hundreds of different species of plants, many of which are unique in the world, producing a wonderful honey aroma and light taste. Moreover, Taygetos Honey contains a wide variety of biologically active substances, provided by the wide variety of the mountain flora. The blossoms and flowers impart many beneficial properties, which help the well-being of human body.

Taygetos Honey is an organic product made by bees from blossoms nectar or from bee secretions. It is a natural product, pure without any process consisting of 180 natural ingredients: The simple and complex sugars of honey, minerals, natural fats and organic acids, aromatic substances, antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes and other components, which give Taygetos honey its unique flavour. Available in 7 varieties: blossoms/flower honey, pine honey, eucalyptus honey, orange honey, sage, fire, and heather honey.

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