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Giant white beans raw 500gr - Gigantes

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Buy online raw giant white beans, in 500gr sachet, produced in Prespes Lake, North Greece, where the nutrient-rich soil composition and unique micro-climate, produces beans of exceptional quality, unique taste, fast-cookability and plain good looks. The seeds are of local origin, traditionally cultivated and certified as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) product.
Giant beans are rich in nutritional value, high in energy and low in cholesterol and fat. Prespes beans are rich in minerals and trace elements of very low calories and they are excellent source of iron.Giant beans are used to cook "Gigantes" a traditional vegetarian meze dish that consists of large beans baked in a tomato-based sauce. This dish is filling enough to be eaten for lunch and is popular during the cold fall and winter months. Usually baked with sausages or vegetables.

Cooking instructions: Soak them in water overnight 12-24 hours before cooking, and then boil them until they get soft. At this point they get substantially larger and they are ready for baking.
-Find our how to make at home the authentic Baked Giant Beans in tomato sauce Recipe
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