Agora is all about genuine and healthy Greek foods and this was always our inspiration following also the UK food trends. There is nothing healthier than the Mediterranean diet based on the model of Cretan diet.

Unfortunately, our time is limited and precious these days and most of us try to find healthy food that does not take time or effort to make. This is why Agora introduced gourmet foods, which is basically a selection of healthy and in majority vegetarian foods readily available and suitable for your lunch break or light dinner!

The Greek diet is based in healthy vegetables and ingredients and only cooked in extra virgin olive oil this is why is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.

Find a specialty selection of gourmet foods in our eshop:

Healthy beans and peas salads with sliced vegetables and amazing ready to cook dishes such as artichoke hearts in lemon sauce, cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and mince meat and more Greek dishes such as aubergines in tomato sauce, vegetable stews and.....more .....more... more delicious individual healthy food portions without preservatives!

Find them all in the following links: Gourmet Greek Antipasti & Meze and Unique Wines and Specialty Beers

Greek nature is abundant in fruits too, so it is quite interesting that we use this abundance in order to produce Amazing Fruit and Nuts Liqueurs, most of them only produced in this small piece of Mediterranean basin! Give a shot to gourmet Greek liqueurs made with mandarin, mastic raisin and strawberry, spearmint & rose. You WILL appreciate what Mediterranean has to offer!