5 years ago in 12th October 2012, Agora Greek Delicacies Ltd was registered in Scotland from two 25 year old graduates from Greece. Few know that we started with hardly no capital and we struggled to organically grow.

After 5 years with your support we made it and we have evolved in one of the larger importers and suppliers of Greek foods and drinks in the UK, but still being a small size family-run business based in Glasgow!

Agora Greek Delicacies was the first Greek online supermarket in the UK, which started operating in 2013, after we have imported 50 products to start with. Today we stock more than 700 codes of Greek foods and drinks, with a great number of them being imported for the first time in the UK from us! We import all the foods and drinks directly from local producers and popular brands across Greece and we transport them all the way to the other side of Europe, in Scotland! We distribute them across the UK through our wholesales operations and straight to your door through our online shop.

With your support throughout the years we managed to keep increasing our product range and volume, lowering our prices and improving our services and operations!

We also value our business partners' support and trust, as without them we wouldn't be able to grow and improve!

Below is an image of our -literally handmade by us!- eShop when it first went live and today, indicating of how much we have evolved during these 6 years.How many of you do you remember how the first Agora website looked like?!

We would like to thank you all for the support throughout the years. Every little helped us a lot!

With love, Michael & Christina :)