This was undeniably one of the most challenging years we faced due to the pandemic. Agora Team worked tirelessly since the first lockdown to cope with the unprecedented demand and be able to provide the same top level of shopping experience as usual. Your support of small family businesses such as Agora was a key to our evolution this year. We not only managed to improve our operations since the first lockdown, but also increased our capacity by doubling our permanent staff and premises and tripled our imported stock from Greece.

Additionally in 2020, our packaging has been improved to be environmental friendly and sustainable with new improved materials which are 100% recyclable and reusable. 80% of our current packaging materials are already reused and supplied second-hand from other sources. We have been working on improving continuously our logistics and delivery process, and reducing gradually our CO2 emissions and our environmental footprint.

Finally we wanted to let all our customers know regarding the changes that will happen in food importing from Greece due to Brexit. It’s fortunate that there are not customs in importing to the UK from EU countries. However, there are additional fees regarding the exporting of foods and drinks outside the EU. Thus, there will be no significant changes in product prices only minor ones in few lines of products as we will be aiming to absorb as much as possible. In light of the new lockdown announcement for January, nothing changes on our operations, it’s business as usual for us. The delivery process is as before, with the delivery staff keeping a safe distance to provide contactless deliveries.

See below some more facts that we collected and wanted to share with you! Happy New Year everyone :)