2019 was another fantastic year for Agora!

When Agora launched 7 years ago, we would have never imagined this amazing journey we make with all of you year after year! Agora is the first Greek online supermarket in the UK having one of the biggest product range imported and supplied across Great Britain and beyond.  With your support throughout the years we managed to keep going and growing!

We figured you might be curious what we have been doing behind the warehouse and office doors, so below is the answer!

2019 - The year in review

Our 2020 plan

Our packaging has been improved to be environmental friendly and sustainable with new improved materials which are 100% recyclable and reusable. 80% of our current packaging materials are already reused and supplied second-hand from other sources.

We have been working on improving continuously our logistics and delivery process, and reducing gradually our CO2 emissions and our environmental footprint.

Finally, one new shiny and upgraded eShop is on the way!

Happy 2020 everyone!

Agora Team :)